Make an appointment with a skilled tattoo artist in Flint, MI

The human eye is naturally drawn to bright colors, so colored tattoos easily grab people's attention. One of the five artists at Millennial Ink in Flint, MI can create a custom design that speaks to you and demands to be noticed.

Our Facebook page features some of our best work, including...

Abstract art
Album covers
Multicolored flowers

We charge a minimum of $50 for colored tattoos. Please put down a deposit before we design your tattoo to secure your spot.

Call 810-771-7028 now to make an appointment.

We specialize in grayscale and portrait tattoos in Flint, MI. Check out our Facebook page, and you'll see that we've tattooed intricate portraits of...

Movie, comic book and cartoon characters
Historical and mythical figures
Family members and pets

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