Express Yourself With a Custom Tattoo

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Want a simple design on your wrist or an intricate back tattoo? A skilled tattoo artist at Millennial Ink can create whatever you've got in mind. We specialize in portrait, grayscale and colored tattoos. We've also got a piercer on staff, so you can get ear, tongue, belly and nose piercings at our tattoo shop in Flint, MI.

Please note that we charge a $80 minimum for tattoos and body piercings and require a nonrefundable deposit upfront. Our standard rates are $100.

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Wearable art lasts forever

Well, it will if you take care of your new tattoo properly. To preserve the vibrant colors and crisp lines, be sure to...


Avoid swimming and taking hot showers for four weeks


Sanitize the area twice per day until your tattoo heals


Keep your tattoo moisturized

Body piercings can get irritated easily, so use a sterile saline solution to avoid an infection. Please note that it might take several months for your piercing to fully heal.

Your tattoo artist will give you specific aftercare instructions. Contact our tattoo shop at any time if you've got questions.

Not sure what you want?

Tattoos are permanent and difficult to remove, so it's smart to have a general idea of what you want before making an appointment. Many Millennial Ink clients have gotten tattoos featuring...

A beloved pop culture reference
An important anniversary
A personal philosophy

We can help you decide on a design. Call 810-771-7028 now to speak with an experienced tattoo artist in Flint, MI.