We do belly, ear, tongue and nose piercings in Flint, MI

People get belly, ear, tongue and nose piercings for all kinds of reasons - self-expression, tradition and spiritual healing, just to name a few. No matter why you want to get a piercing, you should make sure you get it done by a licensed professional. Millennial Ink is a safe and sanitary place to get a piercing in Flint, MI.

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Cartilage and belly piercings can take several months to heal, but you can speed up the process by keeping the area clean. Here are some general aftercare tips for...

Ear piercings - wash your hands before touching your piercing.
Belly piercings - wear loose clothing to avoid irritating your piercing.
Nose piercings - avoid moving your nose jewelry until the piercing heals.
Tongue piercings - gargle antibacterial alcohol-free mouthwash after eating.

We'll give you more specific instructions once you get your piercing. Contact Millennial Ink in Flint, MI anytime if you've got questions about aftercare.

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